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Chrome OS
I'm excited about Google's announcement to release what sounds like an ultra lightweight OS to basically surf the Internet. I'm hoping this device will allow me (and others) to breathe new life into old, underpowered laptops, allowing them to essentially work as netbooks.

This could also open up new and inexpensive opportunities for schools to recycle or prolong the life of expensive computing equipment and expand horizons of their students. I've been watching the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement for some time and I see this as another avenue toward their goal.

I don't share the optimism that this OS will somehow replace Windows. Sometimes you need extra horsepower and functionality. I edit a lot of photos and create some simple video, but the web tools I've tried to do either task can't hold a candle to the four-year-old version of Photoshop Elements I own. I'm not sure CPU intensive apps like this will port very well to the web. It seems the economies of scale afforded by cloud computing may break down when everyone needs 100% of the CPU. (Though I hope I'm wrong)

First person UIs revisited
I just watched this video of something called Sixth Sense. Basically it's like Minority Report meets the Microsoft Surface Computer meets Way Cool and Inspector Gadget. Trust me. Watch the video....

It was cool when the guy was using a wall as the surface computer or got real time product information and reviews at the store. It went to way cool when he used his fingers to frame and take a picture. It went to Inspector Gadget cool when he used his hand as a cell phone and "drew" that watch on his wrist. The tag cloud on his buddy was also pretty neat. I can't wait to see how this technology develops.


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