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More JCAPS Impressions

I haven't had much chance to post since starting my new position. Getting up to speed in my new role has kept me busy. I have been using JCAPS though and thought I'd post a quick update on my impressions. Basically the good is still the good, but my team and I are experiencing more pain points, mostly due to the poor repository integrated into the tool. Here's a quick list of things I'd like to see improved. I've gotten in the habit of diff'ing my changes against the repository version to ensure I'm only checking in changes I've intended. JCAPS does not allow you to do this. There's also no easy way to diff changes between different repository versions. You need to be creative, and go outside to tool for this functionality. There's no easy way to find all the files you have checked out of the repository. You need to manually keep track of the files you've touched. I've become accustomed to relying on my development tools to ke