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Right Tool for the Job

Business transactions can vary widely in their definitions, but they can basically be classified into two types - those where I need an immediate response so I can continue with my work and those where I'm going to tell you what to do and trust that you'll get it done while I move on to something else. These classifications are otherwise known respectively as synchronous and asynchronous transactions. When designing an architecture for solving business problems, it's helpful to figure out which type of problem you're solving and then pick an appropriate technology to support it. For example, HTTP might be a good choice for synchronous applications since it is request/reply by nature. JMS might be a better fit for asynchronous solutions since these structures are typically one way. Blurring the lines is the JCAPS offering of a request/reply mechanism for JMS messaging - called appropriately enough, JMS RequestReply . A colleague called this mechanism "synchronou