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Mentoring - Reading List

Since outlining a brief list of online technical resources for my rookie coder, I thought it'd be a good idea to also supply a brief reading list of technical books that could have a place on any programmers shelf. For this list, I wanted to focus on books that provide transferable skills - suggestions of different techniques and ways of thinking than someone might otherwise be exposed to. This knowledge can be able leveraged regardless of specific technologies or platforms. Here's the list: Core J2EE Patterns – I have an earlier version of this book and it’s a solid J2EE reference. The real benefit in this book is the set of J2EE architectural patterns (which builds on the Gang of Four [GoF] core patterns) and would also apply to server side development in .Net. Some of the info on JSP or EJB may be a little dated with recent additions to the Java language, but still a great reference. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture is another great book with a similar