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I'm usually not in charge of scheduling. I've contributed to schedules, but someone else - usually someone from management - drives schedule creation. I also can't remember a situation where the schedule actually worked. What I mean by this is, a lot of time was spent to create schedules for 2-3 months into the future - then not really revisited (adjusted) for a month or more. By this time something invariably happens (priorities change, initial tasks take longer than expected, vacations/time off weren't accounted for, etc.). This throws the entire thing out of whack and quickly makes it obsolete. A month or more will pass, then the whole process starts again with the creation of another schedule. For the project I'm currently on we've spent a lot of time creating 2 schedules from scratch and are currently creating a third. The first two have been complete failures and I have low expectations for the third. It's frustrating to spend a lot of time and


Steve Yegge has this great post today about business requirements and building software that you'd personally use in a domain that you actually know . Great stuff! I need to figure out a way to print wallet size copies to hand out at requirement meetings.